Friday, March 27, 2009

Cestari ...wohoo I can order again......;)

I'm so happy the soaker club is falling into places.... Will order my Cestari for club and store this week-end , I need 3.5 kg for the club, rest will be back -up and for the store.Oh gosh I love my Cestari!!!

All my colourways

and I can add this week already some more.... maybe I should do one gallery for girly and then boyish colourways...but then it wouldn't be so colourful anymore....

The world is full of colours and I can see them everywhere, on bags on Jasie t-shirt just anywhere I look... sometimes I think I just go nuts....;)

My love for crimson rosellas....

has inspired me too dye this one up on WOOLganic.
We saw some on the week-end near Stanthorpe and DP and I always freak when we see these beautiful colourfu birds...I wish we could have some here in Brissie...and not just crows....;)

Raspberry Swirl

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A custom for the lovely Erin. I created this colourway when I got some new dyes, that always very dangerous when I get new ones as I am itching to try new dyes out....first I thought it was a flop and now I actually do love it....

Chilli and Green Tea

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I need to dye some more of this colourway, finally posted it off to the lovely Fiona after mixing her wool with Annas up! All a bit much in the last weeks!... Everybody was in awe when I presented this new colourway, it was actually an accident I was after another green but now I actually do love it. I was so eager like always to wind it up and see if I will toss it or love it. That's what I love about dyeing that it always looks so different when balled up....

Indian Summer .....

I don't know why I chose this name stuck in my head and I can't get rid of it. I dyed on BFL and on Cestari Columbia to see how different the same diluted dyes will turn out, it looks very similar
I have just found my love for Aran BFL, so will get some more to dye some more silky yummy wool

Bright Peacock on Sockino

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My first dye up on Merino sock yarn....
Next week I want to try some self striping sock yarn as I have bought a warping board some time ago.....

What to call....

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I have my dyeing mojo back after my early miscarriage and all the hassles another WAHM has caused me accusing me of using other and just copying colourways.
I am still looking for a name for it, the lovely ladies on rav suggested so many name but I haven't decided yet.

Long time no blog

I haven't blogged lately, I just forgot about it but I think it could help with my emotional healing process. I have suffered another miscarriage a very early one at 4 wks 3 days. I was so happy to be finally pregnant again and then on Friday 13 I started bleeding in the evening. On that day I actually felt really pregnant as the lovely Jen sent me a digital HPT which really said PREGNANT.The whole week I got just BFaintP, just thought this was early days
Maybe next time luckier??


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I have dyed up the cotton for Vicky in Lime Light. love how it has turned out! I should dye this one up next time on Cestari, anting to do this for a long time already!