Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We can do bigger dye lots!!

This one is 400 gm of the same colourway handpainted on 3 Ply Worsted 100PureWOOL. This wool is just amazing, you have to be careful how to handle it while dyeing rinsing as it is really soft and delicate, but I really love knitting it. especially for my newborn knits. No wonder that 30 more skeins are coming my way from a 100PureWOOl co-op :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Gradient Club

I am so excited !!
I am launching tonight my first gradient club at 8 pm QLD (Eastern Australian Standard Time)
I have created a beautful girly colourway not quite a rainbow as I left out some colours.
I can't show a picture with real colours just a teaser pics as it is a surprise colourway!;)
Hope my clubers will love this colourways as much as I do !! Especially on Licorice Twist it looks especially nice. Gonna knit my baking bubba girl a beautiful Tikki rainbow dress!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Socks that rock!!

I have dyed up some Happy Rainbow yarn for socks which hopefully will create a beautiful pair of socks for toasty warm feet. Each listing will be for 2 balls of 50 gm of the same rainbow gradient ending either in blue or green

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainbows, rainbows rainbows...

I have dyed the first time lots of gradients in the same dye pot. *Phew*
I was a bit nervous as they are the first for the LYS (Local Yarn Store- Yarn Over in Brisbane) on 4 Ply Silky/Merino in the Happy Rainbow Colourway which is a girly rainbow . Very happy how they have turned out!! ;)


Sunday, April 3, 2011

WOOLganic stocking

WOOLganic-April-stocking by funknitter WOOLganic-April-stocking, a photo by funknitter on Flickr.

After a quite long break of very little dyeing I have my mojo and parts of my energy back to create some new and some of my old favourite colourways! This time I had so much fun to dye the first time on 12 WOOLganic which is just such a plump, scrumptious yarn. I have not done any boys colourways this time as we are expecting a bubba girl in August and I am just thinking girly or gender neutral colours at the moment...;) Stocking will be Aprl 5, 8 pm (Easter Australian Standard Time)


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cotton Semi-Solids

Originally uploaded by funknitter
I asked in my wooltopia rav group what would be the preferences for my new Organic Cotton and I saw that Semi Solids were wanted so I decided to create some bold semi solids in aqua, purple/pink and electric blue!

Organic Gradient Cottons :)

Originally uploaded by funknitter
I have dusted my dye pots after a long break and that's what I came up with this last week. I wanted to dye cotton gradients for such a long time and was really itchy creating some.These are dyed on my new Worsted Organic Cotton colour ranging from purple /pink into salmon peach into buttery yellow, flowing into lime green into blue tones

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Logo & new home!

Originally uploaded by funknitter
One week ago I was told that Yarn Collective would be closing down. I panicked a bit and decided that I want my own domain name for my independent store. I looked into it and decided to go with congocart as my shopping cart as I am familiar with the system. We are now found under http://www.wooltopia.com.au.

We will have more changes this year!!Stay tuned!!

Our beautifuln new logo was created by the very talented Sam from Cherry Fresh Art- http://web.me.com/sam_cr/Site/Welcome.html