Monday, November 29, 2010

Peach Pink Purple Sorbets

Another cotton gradient finally balled up and already sold again. :)
They seem to turn out a bit semi solid, cotton dyeing is really a tricky business and especially the gradients seem to have a life by itself.
I'll have to dye some more over the next week...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Colours everywhere.....

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I love the variety I am dyeing these days. It never gets boring and most of them are customs so what else can I wish for! Sometimes I don't have enough time to dye a gradient as they are so time consuming so I can just hand paint my cotton or cotton/bamboo blends and let them sit in the sun for a day or two. Love solar dyeing it is soo easy...
Kudos to my grea customers that I am a happy indie dyer at the moment...colours always around me...wouldn't have thought that colours would be once so important for me..nothing worse than a grey day...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cotton-Bamboo Oasis

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Looking again for a name and showing a friend on MSN a photo of it, she asked me if this was Oasis,\which is a colourway I had only dyed yet on wool, I looked for this colourway in my flickr pictures, and saw that it used the same colour combos just a different kind of blue so decided that this will be the version with fibre reactive dyes on cotton or cotton/blends.
I really love this yummy worsted cotton/bamboo yarn.....

Pink Unicorn

I am not good with naming my colourways,I must admit.
When I showed a friend this picture of my new colourway which was a custom for my best and lovely customer who wanted lots of pink in a colourway she suggested unicorn. I was thinking immediately of "The last unicorn" and looked for images but only saw blue ones. Then I goggled pink unicorn images and I found a clipart of one which looked fairly similar to that colourway so it gots its name...easy ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colour Wheel

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That's why I love dyeing. I just adore colours and mixing them to create other shades...
I wanted to test my new Worsted Kona Superwash how it takes the dyes and also wanted to give my favourite dyes Greener Shades a good work out.
These colours pick you up an a grey day , they are so vibrant and you just need use such a tiny amount for each colour.I am planning to use them more and they are better for the environmet and for the dyer as they use almost no heavy metals in their dyes except the turqoiuse...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy rainbows go American- So stoked!!

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well not quite that far, although I do have customers in the US and Canada...
The Happy Rainbows gradient will be stocked at American Yarns in Brisbane.Ohhh I was reallyl nervous when I went on Friday to talk business but it really went well... the lovely Gabrielle will be stocking them on my yummy scrummy 4 Ply Silk/Merino and if the cotton dyeing god will because cotton gradient are really tricky....on the new Worsted Organic Cotton

A little gradient goes a long way...

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I had just dyed up a small ball to try out a new earth rainbow gradient which I called Elements and I wanted to knit a swatch to see how it knits up...
On my search I found this beautiful mosaic scarf pattern from

and I knew exactly that I wanted to knit it up with my tiny 50 gm ball of gradient..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Summer Gradients are coming.....

I wanted to test my gradient dyeing technique on Cotton yarn for a loooooooooooong time but just have no time as I am so busy dyeing all these customs up.

Last week I was asked by a LYS (Local Yarn Store) if she could stock my gradients in her store to sell.

I am thrilled by this opportunity to maybe get some more fame lol and maybe a new customer base.

She asked especially about cotton ones so I did a quick test up on 8 Ply Cotton, It is a bit paler as I wanted it to be but still really pretty....

I will dye the cotton gradient on yummy Worsted Organic Cotton....can't wait ....