Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boney rainbow!

After doing this custom below I thought it would be time to dedicated my passion to a blog.

Almost each of my colourway has a story to tell and even if it might be not very interested for other readers I would like to keep an online diary into my ventures of colours and wool! It is my first try of blogging so please be patient with me!

I love playing with colours, it was the best therapy for me when I had to experience last September my molar pregnancies and a D/C which followed.This blog will be a part of my healing journey as I feel better when I write things down! In my teenage years it helped me to get over failed love stories and other bad things what happened, of course I also shared good moments and happiness with my diary.

Sorry for rambling on lets dive into it....

Today I wanted to do a custom where I had to match this colourful fabric.
I had to postpone this dye job already so long because of all the gastros and cold over Xmas and New Year and I was also a bit scared if I would master to match the green perfectly. After a little arvo nap I ventured into it.
I love the challenge of dyeing from a pic and trying to match the colours!
Here is the pic of the fabric

I mixed a special green and that what I came up with

Originally uploaded by funknitter

That's the rainbow feast I came up with! I think it matches quite well if I may say so....

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