Thursday, October 21, 2010

New kids on the blog(ck)! ;)

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My fingers were itching to try some new colour combos at the beginning of the week!
I have used 4 different brands of dyes and still mixed some colours myself.

I have certain colours which I love of different brands of dyes so I mix and match dye brands these days!

Yarn base is 10 PLy WOOlganic and the lime/teal colourway which I named" Boys will be boys" is 3 Ply 100pureWool.
I was inspired by a new t-shirt for my and I knew it had to be a new was just screaming at me.....

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  1. Hi Wooltopia!

    I fell in love with your rainbow wool. I wonder if you have them in stock or are willing to dye for me. I really don't know how this works, but hopefully I'll hear from you!!!

    A warm hello from the Netherlands,