Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Gradient on Worsted Organic Cotton!!

I thought this would be the first yarn of my life which would be undyeable. I really was fighting at the start of the gradient to get some colours on this yarn! I didn't give in and create a beautiful boy gradual gradient in turquoise-blue tones.:) The yarn took eventually the dye beautifully just needs lots of dyes and was not really bleeding a lot when rinsed. Have knitted it already up in an Eden's adam for my DS.It is not splitty even not when I had to restart my garment which was at first try far too big.

The Cotton is quite soft and has brown specks throughout the yarn which is not a quality problem, it just shows the husks and seeds of the cotton which are not bleached in organic cottons. The specks are not really noticable in the knitted garment! THe Organic Cotton will be my regular Worsted cotton as I prefer it to the 10 Ply Worsted Cotton which I have usually which is Peaches and Cream! I can source it from my LYS (Local Yarn Store) which will also stock my gradients in Organic Cotton and 4 PLy Kiama (Silk/Merino)! :)

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